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FInding Inner Peace

The act of training your powerful mind to think in certain ways can be a daunting task sometimes. We all are programmed through our experiences to look at our current realities and create thoughts about how those realities fit into our plan for our perfect lives. Based on what we think we know, we sometimes can imagine a life a little better than we are currently realizing, and sometimes we can imagine a life a little worse than the current reality. Turn the great energy of your thinking upon thoughts of abundance... and you will be abundant. What is abundance? Great question. Abundance is defined by you and only by you. The plan for your perfect life comes from within you, and the great energy of your thinking mind is connecting to those energies all day long. The way you think about your life is the way your life is energetically playing out. Think positively. Believe. Act. Live up to your best self. Ever imagine a lifestyle of billionaires? Most everyday people do not. I