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The shiny rocks

Let's play a game. Look at the following picture:  Now, focus on the dark rocks ... See how they start to pop out at you? Go back to the picture, and now focus only on the light rocks . See how your brain organizes color?  Now, try paying attention to just the dark spaces between the rocks. Cool, huh? Focus.  Why not only choose to focus on the happy rocks ? By that I mean... Why not choose to focus on only that which is good in our lives ? Look how simply your brain will reorganize and allow ................ Everything in your life has positive aspects that you can shift your focus on. Try it as an exercise for the day. Focus on the shiny "happy rocks" in your life. P.S. You know I am talking about gratitude again, right?

You exist

In the vast Universe.. Where beyond your body, beyond your community, beyond the whole earth, beyond the many planets of the solar system, beyond the galaxy to other galaxies, and beyond to infinity, you exist.   Feel Small ? In the vast Universe Where inside your body exist patterns that mimic space. Splinters in eyes, and patterns in fingerprints, strings of DNA, billions of cells, doing billions of jobs, energy firing neurons, like electrical storms, communicate throughout your body, in an unconscious miracle of life. Feel Big?

How to have it all. Good Vibrations

Having it all. What is it ALL? Have you ever really stopped and asked yourself what it is that you want?  It wasn't long ago that I was practicing the law of attraction successfully and manifesting all kinds of little and easy things to bring the feeling of abundance. And it worked! I really couldn't believe it! I focused on little achievements, things I KNEW I could achieve, and suddenly, every little thing I wanted became available in one way or another. It was amazing!  I was carefully and positively asking....and I was receiving. Albeit, realistic and super small goals. (check out yesterday's post, I couldn't find a pony tail elastic, and I stopped and prayed about it and within a short time, I began to find them EVERYWHERE!!) Anyway, I was really starting to achieve things that I desired. However, slowly, and without sudden notice, some of the things I had been "taking for granted" became new worries. I gained a few pounds, I wasn't moving


So.. Today I brag a bit.  Today I give thanks to the Universe for the giving me the answers to my very specific prayers. I have been a Law of Attraction teacher and student for several years. One of my favorite "games" to play is to set your sights low and ask for easy things while paying attention every time to the little manifestations along the way.  As a background, a few years ago, I was working hard on the Law of Attraction, clearing my energy, focusing my vibrations through positive thought, when one day, I couldn't find a hair elastic for the life of me! Now, trust me when I say that I couldn't believe that I couldn't find one little hair elastic.. I knew I had lots of them, but they weren't in their usual spots! I could feel my energy boiling, as the stress of the search turned me from nook to cranny with no results. (you know the feeling, when you are fishing for something small... the stressful feeling that comes naturally?) Suddenly, I stop

Ask. Believe. Receive.

The energy you possess is a powerful thing. Whether you use it to look at the negative in your situation.. or to look at the positive. Positive thoughts allow your energy to ALWAYS get you to a better place, and you can start right now by counting your blessings, however small. My intent is to remind you that you are very powerful, and despite the way you feel right now about your circumstances, you still probably live better than the majority of the world. You can start by energetically feeling thankful for something small like toilet paper (lol). Feeling disconnected to a goal that doesn't seem attainable isn't the law of attraction in action... Start with gratitude  and work slowly from there. Find coins on the street and say, "thank you for my abundance"... be thankful that you have internet connection and that you found energy attracts. Be thankful for the little things that you do have... and your wealth will start to grow. Take notice when it does.. an

The Universe within

We are all working with the same global energy. The energy that we harness into our daily lives (electricity), is the same energy that flows through the cells of our bodies, and back out through the power of our thoughts . Our thoughts, for visualization purposes, are glowing energetic waves flowing around the world as fast as any text. Everything we think about with energy and passion, even and especially the unpleasant aspects, is being manifested because of our physical connection to our energy bodies. Complaining? The energetic universe will grant you more to complain about. Jealous? The Universe will grant you more relationships to feel jealous about. Angry? etc... Broke ? etc... All of the above constricts clean energy flow, and when it does, you are asking the Universe to bring you more circumstances and unwanted aspects within that vibration. As you are reading this... can you feel a palpable sensation in your body? Think about "Anger"; Notice the ti

How to find GOD when you are stressed out!

GOD  G oodness. O neness. D ivinity.  If through the stressful times in your life, the times when your body energy is tight; The times when that body energy block is harming your health. You Must: Breathe. Connect. Calm yourself . Find a positive chant to repeat and get you through until you notice your energy softening. Try repeating Goodness. Oneness. Divinity. An acronym for GOD. The very words remind us that there is power in being good, that we are all connected, and that energetic connection is sacred.

My Backyard Jesus

Last summer (2014) I noticed in the backyard there was a dead branch in the woods and it looked like Jesus to me. I found myself sitting on the porch and saying things like, "Hi Jesus!" and then I would talk to him, tell him my burdens, ask him for advice. Now, I knew full well that this was just a dead branch. If you read any of my other posts, you'll know that I am not necessarily certain that Jesus was any more the son of GOD than other wonderful, humanity-changers who have graced our world. I know him as a wonderful prophet who spoke with kindness and knew the power of the Universe. As I said before, my concept of GOD is more energetic and vibrational than the human labels we give GOD. For example,  calling GOD a him, and thinking he sent to Earth his only son... These are concepts I have wrestled with over time. SO, Jesus=good guy and I've always respected his teachings. So, I see this branch in the woods; A fun distraction. As I said before, I was so

Beautiful minds inspire others.

I passed by a pile of unread magazines this morning only to find this on the cover of a catalogue. It jumped out at me and is certainly going on my next vision board. Next I looked down and it says, "Thank you for inspiring us for 50 years." Since I just turned 50, I felt that this was directed at me as a sign from the Universe. Immediately after that, my eyes went to the next magazine, and the cover caption read, "The older I get, the better I get." I believe in the power of energy creating what we call coincidence.. therefore, I don't believe in coincidences. I want to get better as I get older, and inspire others with my beautiful mind. Lol. Well, at least I'll try.

Honor yourself

One of the best ways to align with good vibrations is to continue to live up to our own expectations of ourselves. Set simple goals that put you on the path to your ultimate goal. Honor your spirit by keeping promises to yourself. Honor your humanness by making promises you can keep.

FInding Inner Peace

The act of training your powerful mind to think in certain ways can be a daunting task sometimes. We all are programmed through our experiences to look at our current realities and create thoughts about how those realities fit into our plan for our perfect lives. Based on what we think we know, we sometimes can imagine a life a little better than we are currently realizing, and sometimes we can imagine a life a little worse than the current reality. Turn the great energy of your thinking upon thoughts of abundance... and you will be abundant. What is abundance? Great question. Abundance is defined by you and only by you. The plan for your perfect life comes from within you, and the great energy of your thinking mind is connecting to those energies all day long. The way you think about your life is the way your life is energetically playing out. Think positively. Believe. Act. Live up to your best self. Ever imagine a lifestyle of billionaires? Most everyday people do not. I

How to cheer

Why do we cheer for our favorite team? Why do we cheer for our favorite politician? We want them to win!!! Their win makes us feel good. Imagine the body energy that goes into a football (any sport) fan's joy as he/she cheers his/her team to victory. Imagine that same body energy, that excitement, that pure, winning bliss.... And APPLY IT TO YOUR LIFE!  Cheer yourself on. Be positive. Be energetic. Take that win seriously, and jump up and down when it happens. Celebrate small victories as if they were touchdowns!

GOD: my perspective

GOD... such a strong word. Defined differently for so many. I used to think that GOD was a big Santa Claus looking guy with white hair, a beard, and kindly eyes. I had a hard time using the word for so long because of all of the ways I didn't agree with other people's definition of GOD. Was GOD masculine? How could GOD let bad things happen?  I have come to understand GOD my own way, and identify with my own spirituality. I am a child of science. Energy is my GOD. Vibrational energy that is present in all things. All things earthly. All things in the Universe. All things beyond the Universe. GOD is the connection we all have vibrationally. Thoughts are prayers. Vibrations are things. GOD is listening to our vibrations, and we are creating our worlds and manifesting our prayers. G oodness O neness D ivinity GOD is not human. GOD is not a man. GOD is the energetic and vibrational connection we share and it is in itself an organism. GOD is what we connect to as we
How to pray on purpose:  Be peaceful. Give thanks. Ask. Imagine. Believe. Be peaceful.  Give thanks.  Amen

God is in the details

The practice of the law of attraction is, like any good idea, easily understood, and often not easy to follow. It is certainly easy to talk about the things you want, but focusing on the negative in your life will always block the flow of those things. In simplest terms, look for the good in everything you do. In every detail. Direct your thoughts to the good in each moment of your day, perhaps to the extreme, until it becomes habit. Here is when you will notice the change. In order to bring forth your desires, it is first important to do your best everyday to take action towards these goals, and to hold yourself to your highest and best self in each moment on the way to these goals. It isn't always easy. You must focus on the positive in the moment of now. Pay attention to the way things feel in your energy body right now. Are you feeling grateful? Are you feeling resentful? Are you overworked? What about your job do you enjoy? Are you grateful for the money you are earning and t