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Showing posts from September 18, 2016

Trust in the automatic door

I had a very strange experience the other day when I stopped into a WalMart to get a greeting card. I was walking out of the store at a pretty good clip. As I approached the automatic door, I did not in any way slow down my pace. I knew that it would open for me and I knew I wouldn't run face first into it. Therefore, I didn't slow down and I plowed right through. Sure enough, at the last minute, the doors opened for me.  This stood out to me as a powerful message about life . Sometimes, despite efforts to move ahead in the direction of your dreams, it might seem that the door is closed. You have to believe that the door is automatic and that it will open for you . You have to know that the path ahead is waiting for you and that your future will unfold. Trust. Ask. Believe. Receive.