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So.. Today I brag a bit.  Today I give thanks to the Universe for the giving me the answers to my very specific prayers. I have been a Law of Attraction teacher and student for several years. One of my favorite "games" to play is to set your sights low and ask for easy things while paying attention every time to the little manifestations along the way.  As a background, a few years ago, I was working hard on the Law of Attraction, clearing my energy, focusing my vibrations through positive thought, when one day, I couldn't find a hair elastic for the life of me! Now, trust me when I say that I couldn't believe that I couldn't find one little hair elastic.. I knew I had lots of them, but they weren't in their usual spots! I could feel my energy boiling, as the stress of the search turned me from nook to cranny with no results. (you know the feeling, when you are fishing for something small... the stressful feeling that comes naturally?) Suddenly, I stop