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The Universe within

We are all working with the same global energy. The energy that we harness into our daily lives (electricity), is the same energy that flows through the cells of our bodies, and back out through the power of our thoughts . Our thoughts, for visualization purposes, are glowing energetic waves flowing around the world as fast as any text. Everything we think about with energy and passion, even and especially the unpleasant aspects, is being manifested because of our physical connection to our energy bodies. Complaining? The energetic universe will grant you more to complain about. Jealous? The Universe will grant you more relationships to feel jealous about. Angry? etc... Broke ? etc... All of the above constricts clean energy flow, and when it does, you are asking the Universe to bring you more circumstances and unwanted aspects within that vibration. As you are reading this... can you feel a palpable sensation in your body? Think about "Anger"; Notice the ti