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Building your Abundance Through Spiritual Prayer

Building your abundance through spiritual prayer We are all spiritual messengers. I think, deep inside, we all know this. Sometimes we can feel blocked. We know that there is more, that we must be here for a higher purpose, but we feel scared, we feel overwhelmed with all that we must do, and lie victim to the negativity around us. Any negative feelings that you have, block your message, and block the energy flow between you and the universe. Guilt, depression, envy, greed, gluttony, anger, resentment, grief, clutter, self-loathing. All of these feelings and more block you from your universe.. from God… From your highest self. It doesn’t matter what you believe in. This energetic force around us is working with our computer brains, and responding to what we are envisioning. We are blocked to this flow when we experience negative feelings. All of the above feelings, as I mentioned in earlier posts, have physical feelings. Here is an exercise should be practiced every day that will hel