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God is in the details

The practice of the law of attraction is, like any good idea, easily understood, and often not easy to follow. It is certainly easy to talk about the things you want, but focusing on the negative in your life will always block the flow of those things. In simplest terms, look for the good in everything you do. In every detail. Direct your thoughts to the good in each moment of your day, perhaps to the extreme, until it becomes habit. Here is when you will notice the change. In order to bring forth your desires, it is first important to do your best everyday to take action towards these goals, and to hold yourself to your highest and best self in each moment on the way to these goals. It isn't always easy. You must focus on the positive in the moment of now. Pay attention to the way things feel in your energy body right now. Are you feeling grateful? Are you feeling resentful? Are you overworked? What about your job do you enjoy? Are you grateful for the money you are earning and t