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Your energy getting out there

I took this picture one day when I was visiting the Museum of Science in Boston, Massachusetts. There was this tube filled with current and an observer, like myself, could put a hand on the side of the tube and watch the energy divert. In my mind, all I could think about was that this was one of then many ways our vibration moves into source vibration. Our thoughts and therefore, vibrations, are communicating with source energy. The above photograph shows points in my hand where energy is being exchanged. I like to think about this physical exchange of energy while I meditate. Since seeing the palm of my hand exchange energy with the current in the tube, I now offer my palms up during this practice. I know I repeat this often in the blog: Meditate on gratitude....... Then meditate on the things you want and the things you have all together in a sea of gratitude. Ask for help in being the best you can be and take action on the messages the Universe offers you.