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Power of thought in healing

The first step in healing from any diagnosis is to stop giving it energy. For example, if your diagnosis is cancer or diabetes.... stop thinking about the disease. Start thinking about the healing. Vibration and thought are powerful things. Thinking about the diagnosis offers energy to the very thing you don't want. Picture in your mind the great power of your healing body washing over the cells that aren't working. Do this many times per day and every time a negative or fearful thought creeps into your head. DO NOT DISCUSS THE DISEASE WITH OTHERS Everyday, practice the art of meditation and visualization and imagine yourself perfectly healed. Give thanks. Believe the healing has begun. I encourage mindful thinking as part of a whole body healing program. This also includes movement, healthy and Whole Foods, and laughter.

Words for my dad this morning

This morning, as my Dad is settling into his diagnosis, I am trying hard not to control the situation and interfere with his plans for healing. I do, however, know that I have some of the keys to health and that is positive vibrations and active attitude and prayer.  Today, I texted him: Take ten minutes in one of your favorite places. Meditate on health. Do not mention the word cancer. This focuses your vibrations (prayers) on the cancer. Instead, align the great power of your being with the forces of nature that can create optimum health and believe that your body is creating it. Gods work is a scientific event. Your vibrations and connections to your ultimate goals is how it works. Take baseball as an example. When you focus on winning... you win. When u focus on worry, you strike out. Focus on health and be thankful for your good health. This vibration will make your body heal itself. Cancer is very curable without too much intervention. Please research other ways to strengthen you