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How I get through the grind

As I sit on the beach near my home and reflect I am grateful for all of the things in my life. Gratitude sets me up for the day. The vibration feels amazing. As I meditate about my day, I think about all of the chores and things that I have to do some of which are not my favorite. I really try hard to come up with five good things about what I’m doing if I am feeling any vibration of dread. So, for example, if I’m going to one of my jobs and it’s not one of my favorites I count five blessings about going to that job.... even if the reasons are silly. So, for one I have a reason to get out of bed in the morning; Two, I get to put on my favorite shirt; three, I get to see people I care about; four, I get paid money; and five, I have a job. These simple steps change my vibration  I then do my best to breathe quietly and imagine all of the good things happening to me during my day. I vibrate in meditation on the feelings of that success.  Try it! It helps! Breathing with g

Ready? Set your goals

There are two things that are important to focus on when setting your goals:  First, simple as it sounds, identify your goals. Come on, write them down. Second, and here’s the hard part, ask yourself, “what are my obstacles?”  When both are written down, you can begin to work through your obstacles by focusing in on your goal and believing in its success. Belief and inspired action will be how that goal is achieved.  Ask. Believe. Receive.  Remember, the energy and vibration you emit will create your future. Pick the good thoughts.