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Nature's Way of balancing Energy

Nature’s way of balancing energy It is important that we balance the energy in our bodies as often as we can. The well-being of our physical and mental state demands this. In earlier posts, I spoke about balancing your energy in order to connect with the eternal energy around us. I will return to that discussion in later posts. Right now, I am going to talk about what it feels like to balance your energy in your body, and why it is important to us all. I am not going to tell you anything new here. Balancing energies, creating calm, meditation, etc, are all “old” concepts. I am here to simply discuss it again, and as it applies to your health, happiness, and internal well being, and spiritual connection. Your body is designed to be healthy. At its best state, it is at the optimum weight, healthy foods as fuel are introduced regularly, plenty of water is ingested, the body feels energy galore, and exercises with pleasure regularly. In the world around you, you experience a life t

Balancing personal energy as a way to Manifest your perfect life.

It is my intention to teach what I have learned. I intend to offer a new way to approach the idea of a divine spirit, of a positive energy, or a divine guidance, of an abundant universe. I will show you ways to balance your personal energies and channel them mindfully into manifesting your good health, wealth, love, happiness, and ultimate joy.What I have to teach is not new... I am not a minister, a scientist, nor a philosopher. I am a student of life, and I had a spiritually enlightening experience that has caused a shift in the way I think, the way I act, and what I have come to know. I believe in God. But not exactly the way I was taught. (See blog called Enlightenment) I believe in the Energy that creates worlds, that connects us all through breathe. The Energy we are able to harness to bring us light, the internet, our travel, our immediacy. This energy that flows through us, around us connecting every living thing, and answering every question there is.. is God. We can harness t

Discovering your energy as magic in your lives!!

I am not sure how these posts are presented, but my posts are meant to be read in order. I will refer often to an earlier topic. It will be much more helpful in understanding the messages. Beginning to move energy I spend a lot of time with children, and am often reminded of magic. Do you remember a time when you made wishes, you wrote letters to Santa, you watched movies and TV shows where magic was real? A time when you believed that fairy tales came true, and that all of your childhood fantasies would manifest into real lives? Guess what? It is your lucky day…. Magic is real!!! As with each breathe we connect to the energetic spiritual world around us, of which we are all a part. With each thought, we are drawn to, and shown the ways to connect to those things we think about. Did you ever think about someone, and suddenly, they call? We think nothing of harnessing energy into machines, and think nothing of sending an email across the world and know that magically it will appe
Balancing Energy within your physical bodies It is of utmost importance to feel good. I know that we all know this intuitively, but often as we gain life experience, we forget to offer a calming vibration to ourselves, and to take time to feel good. In my life, for example, I find peaceful calm when I read, write, meditate, practice yoga, run, cook, paint, enjoy a glass of wine, or simply take a walk. It is necessary for the manifestation of anything good, for you to find calm place, and to consciously think positively. Take time to appreciate the positive energy flowing through you, and take notice of the things in your life that are wonderful, and exactly as you want them to be. When you are in this state of calm, this place of peace, you are able to invite in the joyful things you want. Maybe you want more time, more money, better relationships, certain things that money can buy, a more fulfilling job, or a healthier body. This conscious practice will help you achieve those goals. P

Energy is God; The law of attraction is Prayer.

If you haven't already read the enlightenment post, please go back and read it. I am going to discuss how the law of attraction works. Many great teachers have interpreted the Law of Attraction, and described it in many ways. I am not offering anything new here. In fact, as part of learning any subject, I urge readers to read as much on the subject as possible, and continue to read excerpts of favorite books, posts, etc. , in order to apply the knowledge to everyday life. In summary, the law of attraction basically states that thoughts are things. On a vibrational, and I like to use the word energetic level, we think about our lives. Usually, the way things are. We make statements to ourselves, we think thoughts about ourselves, our situations, and others all day long. It's just what we do. If we are negatively thinking of a subject, we are attracting more of it. If we are positively thinking of a subject, we are attracting more of it, too. Our words, and more importan


I have written about this day over and over, and feel compelled to discuss what happened to me in as much detail as possible. I know I was in perfect harmony with the universe in this moment. Some people might interpret my story as if I had seen God. You decide. What happened to me was real, it was perfect, and as I say, I don't believe in coincidences anymore. November 2008 It was a beautiful November day in southern coastal Maine. The sky was almost purple with clouds and wind. The strong wind was kicking up the surf, and causing birds, leaves, and sand to be whipped up in circles of energetic beauty. I came to the beach, which is across town from where I live, to take a jog one day. In fact, the first time in a long time that I had jogged at the beach. My dear friend, Kelly, had just visited me and said that if she lived here, she would jog at the beach every day. I took her advice, and headed down there on this chilly November day. The tourists were few and the sun was sh

Prologue... my many thanks to my teachers, and to the universe...

Many Thanks to my Teachers Before I set into motion the beginnings of my thoughts on energy and the law of attraction, I need to thank my teachers. I no longer believe in coincidences, as many books, people, websites, numbers, letters, and signs everywhere have pointed me in the direction of writing about the law of attraction, how it applies to the human condition, the human culture, our interpersonal relationships, and our relationships to God. I don't know where to begin, as it is as if I am enrolled in a course by the universe. I am a student of the law of attraction. I have added to my interpretations of some teachings of other cultures, religions, philosophies, scientists, and novelists, and have drawn conclusions about mind, body, spirituality, connectivity, individuality, goal-setting, and consciousness. I would like to set forth a blog based on thoughts, applications, suggestions, interpretations, and simple unanswered questions that emerge from these philoso