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Nature's Way of balancing Energy

Nature’s way of balancing energy It is important that we balance the energy in our bodies as often as we can. The well-being of our physical and mental state demands this. In earlier posts, I spoke about balancing your energy in order to connect with the eternal energy around us. I will return to that discussion in later posts. Right now, I am going to talk about what it feels like to balance your energy in your body, and why it is important to us all. I am not going to tell you anything new here. Balancing energies, creating calm, meditation, etc, are all “old” concepts. I am here to simply discuss it again, and as it applies to your health, happiness, and internal well being, and spiritual connection. Your body is designed to be healthy. At its best state, it is at the optimum weight, healthy foods as fuel are introduced regularly, plenty of water is ingested, the body feels energy galore, and exercises with pleasure regularly. In the world around you, you experience a life t