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How to create your vision board

Make your vision board or PowerPoint. Forget about the details in how you're gonna get there. The five pillars of your life, in balance, must be considered in this exercise: finances, relationships/family, health/body, career/purpose, free time/pleasure... in a perfect life, where money and other obstacles are removed.... it's just YOU, in the driver's seat, figuring out how your soul wants to spend the rest of its life on this planet. Imagine big. The future lives in the invisible. What does your perfect life.. on acid, look like?
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Your energy getting out there

I took this picture one day when I was visiting the Museum of Science in Boston, Massachusetts. There was this tube filled with current and an observer, like myself, could put a hand on the side of the tube and watch the energy divert. In my mind, all I could think about was that this was one of then many ways our vibration moves into source vibration. Our thoughts and therefore, vibrations, are communicating with source energy. The above photograph shows points in my hand where energy is being exchanged. I like to think about this physical exchange of energy while I meditate. Since seeing the palm of my hand exchange energy with the current in the tube, I now offer my palms up during this practice. I know I repeat this often in the blog: Meditate on gratitude....... Then meditate on the things you want and the things you have all together in a sea of gratitude. Ask for help in being the best you can be and take action on the messages the Universe offers you.

The good, the bad, and the ugly.... solitude vs. loneliness

I learned the hard way that there is a very delicate line between solitude and loneliness. In the first few years of solitude that followed my divorce, I felt both. My children had grown and were in college, and I bought a bicycle and moved to a small apartment where I could bike to work. Riding around on my own felt empowering.... to be alone and not responsible for anyone else felt good at first.... but I didn't anticipate the crash. I am the kind of person who enjoys solitude. I am comfortable and often crave the comforts of being by myself. However, there was a moment on Christmas Day soon after my divorce that I found myself sitting on the couch at night alone.... and solitude had turned to bitter loneliness. My mother-in-law had given me one of those silly blankets with arms... a "snuggie", I think it was called. I curled up and wrapped myself in a cocoon-like hug and cried. Even though I had experienced some amazing and powerful law of attraction paradigm sh

Why isn't the Law of Attraction working?

On a personal note, I have struggled with the things I discuss here on my blog and in my life. I started writing about the Law of Attraction ten years ago here on this blog and have been blessed to be able to be a student at the same time. Feeling tested, there have been unforeseen changes in my personal life as a result of the shift in consciousness. These changes have impacted areas of my life that are a part of  "healthy wholeness", such as health, relationships, finances, and career. All have taken a "hit" since writing about the Law of Attraction. As you can imagine, it sent me into a spiral of self-doubt. I felt like a fraud and stopped writing for a while. I had to go back to basics. I had to strip away years of thinking one way about life and through conscious effort and strength, I came back to a place of peace with the journey. Divorce was truly a test that I was not expecting. In many ways, my personal struggles reinforced the energetic connection I


You've heard it here. You've heard it there. You've heard it everywhere. GRATITUDE Yes, that old reminder to be thankful is so important to your energy balance and connection. Practice gratitude as a daily mantra... as you go about your morning, remember to be thankful for all of the little things in life. "Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances" -1 Thessalonians 5:16 For me, I like to practice gratitude as I wait for my teapot to boil in the morning. I look around me and start to be thankful for the little things in my kitchen. This gets my brain focused on looking for things to be grateful for. Then, I am thankful for each member of my family, my friends, my food, the things that make me laugh, etc. Gratitude is an exercise. It's like doing sit-ups. DO it. Just do it. I have much to be grateful for. This is a recent sunrise and I was lucky enough to be at the beach to capture a time-lapse.

Goal setting... thinking about adding retreats... thoughts, anyone? my own goals... gulp

I can't believe how the years have flown by since I started Energy Attracts.  Because of the fun and success of my vision board and goal setting seminars, and I am believer in the power of setting my own goals and vibrations in order to teach it...  I have decided to set my own intention and build upon my business in creating small retreats for just a few select people to work on spiritually based goal setting.  What I want: To travel to new and beautiful places with like-minded people who are seeking positive direction and guidance in setting goals and intentions. These travel itineraries will be pre-planned and include local eateries, yoga studios, and public outdoor gorgeous spaces like beaches, canyons, parks, cliffs, etc.  The curriculum will include vibration/spirituality based goal setting workshops complete with thought provoking homework designed to clear the path to success. I want our retreats to not only inspire but include fun aspects of travel li

Dr. Emoto's work on the power of vibration and thought on water molecules

This might be one of my favorite things.... the times when science meets religion.  Dr. Masaru Emoto (google it... it is awesome) conducted many studies where different words were prayed into jars of water over a period of time. He then looked at the water molecules and discovered differences in shape and composition depending on the thought.  The results are amazing to me because the symmetrical and eye-pleasing molecules are lovely and artistic to look at while the negative and angry emotional words evoke chaotic molecules that seem malformed and disjointed (see image I found on the internet) "According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and even the bones are watery: 30%” ( water.USGS.Gov , 2018)