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The good, the bad, and the ugly.... solitude vs. loneliness

I learned the hard way that there is a very delicate line between solitude and loneliness. In the first few years of solitude that followed my divorce, I felt both. My children had grown and were in college, and I bought a bicycle and moved to a small apartment where I could bike to work. Riding around on my own felt empowering.... to be alone and not responsible for anyone else felt good at first.... but I didn't anticipate the crash. I am the kind of person who enjoys solitude. I am comfortable and often crave the comforts of being by myself. However, there was a moment on Christmas Day soon after my divorce that I found myself sitting on the couch at night alone.... and solitude had turned to bitter loneliness. My mother-in-law had given me one of those silly blankets with arms... a "snuggie", I think it was called. I curled up and wrapped myself in a cocoon-like hug and cried. Even though I had experienced some amazing and powerful law of attraction paradigm sh

Why isn't the Law of Attraction working?

On a personal note, I have struggled with the things I discuss here on my blog and in my life. I started writing about the Law of Attraction ten years ago here on this blog and have been blessed to be able to be a student at the same time. Feeling tested, there have been unforeseen changes in my personal life as a result of the shift in consciousness. These changes have impacted areas of my life that are a part of  "healthy wholeness", such as health, relationships, finances, and career. All have taken a "hit" since writing about the Law of Attraction. As you can imagine, it sent me into a spiral of self-doubt. I felt like a fraud and stopped writing for a while. I had to go back to basics. I had to strip away years of thinking one way about life and through conscious effort and strength, I came back to a place of peace with the journey. Divorce was truly a test that I was not expecting. In many ways, my personal struggles reinforced the energetic connection I