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Goal setting... thinking about adding retreats... thoughts, anyone? my own goals... gulp

I can't believe how the years have flown by since I started Energy Attracts.  Because of the fun and success of my vision board and goal setting seminars, and I am believer in the power of setting my own goals and vibrations in order to teach it...  I have decided to set my own intention and build upon my business in creating small retreats for just a few select people to work on spiritually based goal setting.  What I want: To travel to new and beautiful places with like-minded people who are seeking positive direction and guidance in setting goals and intentions. These travel itineraries will be pre-planned and include local eateries, yoga studios, and public outdoor gorgeous spaces like beaches, canyons, parks, cliffs, etc.  The curriculum will include vibration/spirituality based goal setting workshops complete with thought provoking homework designed to clear the path to success. I want our retreats to not only inspire but include fun aspects of travel li