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Nature's Way of balancing Energy

Nature’s way of balancing energy

It is important that we balance the energy in our bodies as often as we can. The well-being of our physical and mental state demands this.

In earlier posts, I spoke about balancing your energy in order to connect with the eternal energy around us. I will return to that discussion in later posts. Right now, I am going to talk about what it feels like to balance your energy in your body, and why it is important to us all.

I am not going to tell you anything new here. Balancing energies, creating calm, meditation, etc, are all “old” concepts. I am here to simply discuss it again, and as it applies to your health, happiness, and internal well being, and spiritual connection.

Your body is designed to be healthy. At its best state, it is at the optimum weight, healthy foods as fuel are introduced regularly, plenty of water is ingested, the body feels energy galore, and exercises with pleasure regularly. In the world around you, you experience a life that is exactly as you want, your relationships are healthy, your finances provide all that you desire in this world, and your work and leisure activities bring you joy with adequate amount of time to enjoy all that you want to in this life. Therefore, your physical body is stress free, and at its optimum health.

Hmmm. Sounds like a challenge to most of us… doesn’t it? However, I think we all agree, somewhere in our souls, we know that this state is possible for us. There was a time, when we were children, that we experienced all of those feelings. We were provided for, and for the most part, our relationships were healthy and loving, our time was spent playing/doing what we enjoyed, and our bodies were energetic and healthy, too. This state is how we were born to experience life at all times. This state is possible for us all right now. We can connect to that joy right now.

All day long, our bodies are balancing our energies. Your energy center is in your upper chest, and is where you physically feel your emotions, and the state of your energy flow. Good posture, a good stretch, a yawn, a deep breathe, physical exertion, a sneeze, sexual release, laughter, crying…. All help to balance the energies in our bodies. We do it intentionally through action, and we also do it naturally.

Ever get into a frustrating situation…. And suddenly you sigh, and take deep breaths? You are unconsciously balancing your energies. When physical feelings of negative thoughts creep into your energy center… you must release them for optimum health. Think about the way these feelings feel, and really recognize that they can be monitored in your heart center (energy center). Frustration, Anger, Fear, feeling overwhelmed, Guilt, Anxiety, Depression, Grief etc. These states cause your body harm, and must be balanced. Pay attention to these feelings, and consciously rid yourself of the feelings whenever you recognize that they are in your body. Breathe, meditate, change the way you look at a subject. Negative feelings only hurt the people who feel them.

Recurring negative emotions are indicators that your life is out of alignment with what you want it to be. Many of us haven’t been clear to ourselves as to what it is that we really want. We let life happen to us, oftentimes, and don’t take charge of the steps we can take to achieve happiness. There are steps and exercises that we can take to start to feel good and energy balanced more often. (again, as redundant as it seems, and we only learn through redundancy, energy balance in our bodies helps us align with the joy in life, and helps us achieve our dreams, prayers, and wishes)

First, it is important to outline what it is that we consider a perfect life for us. I will post in the future detailed steps to create this vision. It is important to connect regularly with the positive feelings associated with this perfect life. What does it feel like to be living it? Then we MUST find positive aspects within the life that we are already living! Be grateful, be mindful of all that is good and great, give thanks for the food that we eat, for the humor we discover in the little things, for the relationships that bring us joy and why.
These actions must become common practice.

Create a positive aspects journal. Write in it regularly. Take steps toward your goals every day, and give thanks to yourself for taking those steps. Be in constant self check regarding your energy balance. Remember, it is a physical feeling. You can ask yourself right now, what that energy center feels like. Take a deep cleansing breathe. See? You needed it right then, didn’t you?

Remember that in every breath is the opportunity to connect with the energetic spirits around you. In every breathe you are praying for what you want your life to be. (see other posts) You choose. Breathe in life. Breathe in Love. Breathe in Joy. Give of yourself, your time, your money, your heart. Create joy in your heart, and your energetic balance with free you, your health will restore, and you will live the life of your dreams.

P.S. While I am on the subject of how the body helps naturally to balance your energy… I urge scientists to research my hypothesis that the appendix is a body energy balancing organ. Why would an organ that seems to have no function, continue to evolve in tact? It has a function. I believe that it is an energy regulator. I would encourage researchers to interview patients whose appendix ruptured… what was present in their lives when it happened??


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