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Building your Abundance Through Spiritual Prayer

Building your abundance through spiritual prayer

We are all spiritual messengers. I think, deep inside, we all know this. Sometimes we can feel blocked. We know that there is more, that we must be here for a higher purpose, but we feel scared, we feel overwhelmed with all that we must do, and lie victim to the negativity around us. Any negative feelings that you have, block your message, and block the energy flow between you and the universe. Guilt, depression, envy, greed, gluttony, anger, resentment, grief, clutter, self-loathing. All of these feelings and more block you from your universe.. from God… From your highest self. It doesn’t matter what you believe in. This energetic force around us is working with our computer brains, and responding to what we are envisioning. We are blocked to this flow when we experience negative feelings.

All of the above feelings, as I mentioned in earlier posts, have physical feelings. Here is an exercise should be practiced every day that will help you understand the feelings of breaking down the blockages, and aligning your energetic spirit to the powers of the universe.

If you pay attention to your upper chest. (the easiest of the chakras to monitor), and think on sudden guilt.. it tightens, right? Now, think on the word Love. (without sarcasm) Think peace, joy, forgiveness, happiness, laughter, success, honesty, generosity, abundance. Think of all of these things in their purest form. If feelings of doubt accompany any of these emotions, push the doubt away. Allow the energy flow to open up the central channels of your body. Feel alignment with all that is good, and forgive yourself and all others. Begin to feel connected. Envision in your mind the energy flow around you. (It is easiest when this is practiced in a beautiful, natural setting) Release your negative feelings.

We work best in our energy flow when we meditate or pray, which is what the above exercise is all about. If you don’t believe in God, but hold yourself to your own highest standards, it is the same thing. This exercise is designed to help you reach your goals and your dreams, it shows you physically, how you align to your good, and how to remove your negativity. Now it is time to learn how to pray. How to ask for what it is you are wanting? How to begin to find out what it is that you are really here for?

What is blocking your message?

How do I break the cycle? What steps can I take to connect to my highest good, to my goals, to my joy?

Law of attraction specialists, spiritual teachers, life coaches/goal setting leaders, and successful people agree, it is important to practice a meditation where you connect to your goals, your God, your best and highest self. Whether in accordance with a spiritual practice, or simply for these exercises, meditation and focusing on goals, releasing and forgiving yourself and all others, remembering to express gratitude for all that is good, are all necessary steps to connecting to your best spiritual power; to realizing your goals.

The simple act of forgiveness is important to remember. It is a physical release to forgive. Forgive often. Everyday. Forgive yourself, and forgive all others. The energetic flow is blocked, when you feel any anger or resentment or guilt, etc. Allow in the positive energy. Forgive yourself. Love yourself. Love all others. You can release them from your life if you have to, but surround them in your mind with love and light, and wish them peace. Health will follow, prosperity will follow. Flow your energy through you often when you think positively, and forgive. The universe will bless you with freedom. “Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.” We must forgive ourselves. Align your personal energy with the frequency of forgiveness.

Gratitude plays such an important roll in this process as well. Is important to feel thankful for all of the good things that you already have in your life. This gratitude sends out the energetic message that you want more things to be thankful for. When you pay attention in your thoughts to positive things, you are attracting more of them.

Lastly, the power of generosity is extremely important to building your abundance. Give of your spirit, your time, and your money. Give especially when you don’t feel you can spare anything. The universe will answer this prayer tenfold,, every time. It is the law of 10. This wonderful law is outlined beautifully in Catherine Ponder’s book, “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity”, she discusses this law and its biblical history, as well as modern examples of its power. Basically, when you begin to give 10% of your income, and 10% of the free time you have, and 10% of your spiritual message, you will receive 10 times the reward in kind. This is how you build your abundance. When you energetically align with the thought, “I have plenty.” You will be awarded plenty. “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done.”

With all of these steps behind you, it is time to command your good to come to you. Believe that it is there for you. Know that you will receive what you ask for, and ask often and with gratitude for the feelings these things bring. “Give us this day our daily bread.” Define clearly what this means. What things do you want in your life, what things do you need? It is ok to want things that cost money. You are part of an abundant universe. There is enough money for all of us. The richest people in the world were the largest philanthropists, leaders, spiritual teachers, political/historical influences. It is ok to command wealth, health, and joy. It is your birthright to prosper. Be sure to give of your talents, your spirit, your money, and your time. You will be rewarded tenfold.

Ask with gratitude and it shall be given. Call it energy. Call it science, call it God, call it Bhudda, call it Great spirit, call it your highest self. It doesn’t matter. It is alive and working whether you believe in it or not. You are getting all that you focus on, every day. Whether you stop and meditate on it or not.

• Your negativity blocks your good
• To correct this, meditate, and release
• Begin your prayer/meditation session with forgiveness
• Express in detail your gratitude
• Be thankful for the things you have in your life
• Mentally picture yourself enjoying things you want for your life; accompany these pictures with the feelings of joy they evoke.
• Give of your spirit, your talents, your time, and your money
• Follow the signs as they will appear in your life. Be thankful all day long when you see your abundance. Say, “Thank you for my abundance!” when you find lost things, find money in your pocket, give generously, begin to see relationships the way you want them to be, feel good health, notice any prosperous thing. “Thank you for my abundance!”
• Repeat these exercises all day long. Your abundance will flow easily and steadily

In closing today, here is an example of my personal prayer that I repeat for myself often, and with joy. I call it my freedom prayer.
My Freedom Prayer

I forgive those who have spoken ill of me. I forgive you and bless you. I forgive myself… and in this, I know I am blessed, too.
I free my soul, for there are only blessings.
In so doing, I love myself.
I open my spirit to God’s divine plan. I invite my best self to appear. She is kind and confident, she is spiritual, she is understanding, and generous of time, money and spirit. She is honest and trustworthy; she is creative, talented and action-oriented. She has an abundance of good things in her life, including wonderful children, family, and friends, perfect health, and plenty of financial wealth. She enjoys a loving partnership; and with this partner, she shares her soul, her body, her love, and her laughter. In being her best self, she is giving, creative, and open to new friendships, and relationships. She listens, she cares, she honors and serves her community, and offers good things for all humankind. In doing this, she honors God (the energetic goodness in the universe and in ourselves).
I am this woman. With every breath I take, I move easily and joyfully to improve upon my kindest and best self.
I pray that I am shown ways to nurture and protect my family, and my friendships. I ask that I am shown ways to give of my abundance each day. I pray that I am shown ways to best serve God.
It is with gratitude for all of my many blessings that I pray.


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