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God is in the details

The practice of the law of attraction is, like any good idea, easily understood, and often not easy to follow. It is certainly easy to talk about the things you want, but focusing on the negative in your life will always block the flow of those things.
In simplest terms, look for the good in everything you do. In every detail. Direct your thoughts to the good in each moment of your day, perhaps to the extreme, until it becomes habit. Here is when you will notice the change.

In order to bring forth your desires, it is first important to do your best everyday to take action towards these goals, and to hold yourself to your highest and best self in each moment on the way to these goals. It isn't always easy. You must focus on the positive in the moment of now. Pay attention to the way things feel in your energy body right now. Are you feeling grateful? Are you feeling resentful? Are you overworked? What about your job do you enjoy? Are you grateful for the money you are earning and the things you spend it on? Are you feeling depressed that there isn't enough? Are you happy for the time and laughter you share with your loved ones, friends, and family? Do you focus on the time that you are not together? Where is your attention at every moment? Are you feeling guilty or resentful about anything in your life? Are you focusing on gratitude?

Changing the way you look at your life is truly the key to any change. It is like setting any goal for yourself in any area of life. Careful, deliberate minute by minute action is the only way to get there. Sticking with positive thinking while working the law of attraction must be a daily practice. Paying attention to the finish line, but not getting bogged down by the length of the journey is imperative.

When asking for money, for example.. You must put your head down and not notice how far you have to go from here to where you want to be financially....Know that you will reach the finish line, and pay attention to the little abundances in your life. To attract money, you must notice when you have enough, and when your needs are met. Did you eat today? You have enough. Be thankful. Were you able to buy that cup of coffee? You have enough. Be thankful. All day long, carefully and deliberately notice the things you already own in your life that you bought because you had enough money for those things at the time of their purchase. Focus on the abundance already in your life. It is easy to see your old computer and think about how slow it is, how old it is, how there might not be enough money to buy a new one. Feelings of want begin to take over your energy balance, and you will attract more feelings of wanting. Do you remember a time when you bought that old computer, and it was new to you? How did you feel then? Abundant? Are you still able to use it, even though it is not super fast? You are abundant simply for being able to use this technology at all. Do you see what I mean? Look for the positive in absolutely everything, and I promise you will attract more positive things. Yes, it is like magic.

If you are suffering an imbalance in any of your relationships, it is important to focus on what is good about them. Especially if you feel that the other person needs to make changes to accommodate your needs. This is a dangerous path for any relationship. (Parent/child, sibling, friendship, partnership) If that imbalance is your focus, you will bring more of that imbalance in that relationship. Sometimes subtly, we feed into that dynamic. We play unconscious little passive aggressive games with one another. We say things like, "If only he/she would...." This way of thinking is damaging to all relationships. Stop right now. Think about a good time you spent with that other person. Hold it in your mind and remember those feelings. Focus on the good in that other person, and constantly remember those good times. If the relationship is too far gone, and behaviors are dangerous and out of your control, let it go. Love that person anyway, and spend less of your energy worrying about things you can't control. Either love as is... or release. Peace should be your only home.

It is only with diligence and focus, that changes will be made in your life for the better. In each minute of each day, focus on what is good, what was good, and what will be good. If imagining a life that is so different from the reality of the one you are living now is difficult, you still must find good in the details of the life that is.. in order to create the life that you can have. No goal is unattainable. No vision too extreme. Just focus on the positive path.. and you will get to where you want to be. I promise.


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