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Beginning manifestation

I want to make sure that with every post I carefully acknowledge that many teachers have come before me and discussed these subjects. I consider myself a student of their work. I know that I have learned much.. perhaps, enough to teach.... but am humbled to know that there is much more to learn about the subject, and I welcome new information.
When new reading material comes to my attention, I will try to acknowledge the information with gratitude on my blog.


You are a great energetic force. You were born with divine perfection, and your spirit remembered that joy and connectivity when you were born into this body. You never worried or wondered, you believed in magic, and love, and trusted who you were, and that there would be plenty for you in this world. As you grew up, and became aware of your surroundings, your economic circumstance, your limitations, your strengths, and your ego grew. The reality of who you are began to take shape, and how you perceived these realities was how you have energetically and vibrationally attracted your life as you now know it.

Let me explain what I mean by, "how you perceived these realities". As your ego began to define you, you became aware of how you fit into the world around you. You would compare yourselves to others, in all areas of life, and as you did this, your personality took shape, how you view yourself, others, and your world around you. You would become either proud or disappointed in yourself as you continued to shape your ego. How positively you looked at your life is how you shaped it to this point, and how positively you look at your life now can control its flow into the future. You have the natural, energetic power to manifest anything in this life that you desire. You simply have to be clear about what it is that you want, and believe positively that it will manifest in your life.

In every moment of every day, you have the choice of how you look at your realities. You can look at the negative side or you can look at the positive side. How you view your everyday circumstances,… your relationships, your finances, your health/weight, your spirituality, your relationship with yourselves and your bodies, is how you are perpetuating the current reality. If you are thinking about being in debt, you are energetically attracting more debt, if you are unhappy with the health or weight of your bodies, you are praying for more illness and more poor body images, and if your relationships are strained, you are attracting more strain.

Here is where I interject the word God, and offer the scientific interpretation of how we are all connected through an energetic, vibrational, metaphysical life force. We connect to it in every breath we take, and our thoughts, our realities, our vibrations are sending and receiving from the universe all that we are desiring, including unwanted things. We are praying to God, to this force of spirits, to this energetic internet that we can’t see, our desires…. And your current reality is exactly what you have been praying for… whether you know it or not.

How can I change what I don’t want in this life? Ah, here’s the fun part. You must define your life as you want it to be.

There are many exercises I will encourage you to participate in regarding the definition of your life. The first exercise is to write the story of your perfect life, beginning with your dominant intention. In order to begin, you need to sit in a quiet space, preferably alone, and with no distractions. If you are in a place where it is warm enough to sit outside, it is preferable. Begin by creating a meditative state. Sit up straight and take several deep breaths. Until you feel the stress leave your body. This is aligning your energies with the universal force around you. When you feel softened, happy, and peaceful, you will begin.

Your dominant intension: I like to think of goal setting into my perfect life like a pyramid. The very top of which is the statement of my dominant intent.. Which for me is, “It is my dominant intent in this life to live happily ever after”. It is ultimately a good life for me if all of the balances of what makes up my life are hereafter in positive alignment with what I desire. So the next level down in the pyramid of bringing life’s joy, are the categories in your life that bring you balance. Don’t begin to define what these mean yet, just include the following as subcategories:

• Your perfect relationships with friends, family, coworkers, community, etc.
• Your perfectly healthy body, weight, style, and your connectivity to your body
• Your perfectly abundant financial situation
• Your perfect spirituality, connectivity, gratitude, generosity, positive aspects as defined by you
• Your perfect contributions and creations and joyous work that brings you financial success, and what brings you joy in your spare time and how much of it do you have in your perfect world?
• Your perfect day
• Your perfect home (s)

The next step is to again take a deep breath, and stay focused on the energy level in your upper chest. This is the easiest of the body’s energetic centers (chakras) to learn to tune into. Breath until the upper chest is at peace, and be conscious throughout this exercise to keep a peaceful, hopeful attitude about what you are about to write and create. Ask of God or the Universe for the right words to flow to you, and that you be guided by your highest and best self to write the positive script for your perfect life.

Should you begin to feel stress and anxiety as you write about positive hopes for yourself that are not in your life right now, you will feel it in the energy in your chest. This is normal. Breathe it out, and begin to look at what you are writing in a positive.

Now, you might have to read and reread this part, as you slowly write in as much detail what these perfect categories look and feel like. Enjoy the process. Imagine with joy what these things feel like in your life as you write. Be detailed. Be excruciatingly detailed. Be positive in everything you write.

An example of a positive creation of my perfect relationship with a partner: (Be careful at this point to keep the options open… sometimes the perfect relationship with your partner is not possible with your current partner) Be broad about your relationship:

“ My loving relationship is easy. I love to be with this person and this person loves to be with me. We laugh and support each other, we have common interests and genuinely enjoy everything we do together. We see eye to eye about important subjects, and have similar priorities. We communicate our love and commitment freely and easily, and our intimacy is at its most harmonious with what we both desire.”

An example of what NOT to write…….Your happiness can never be defined by the actions of others, so a clear example is as follows:

“My marriage is working great. Fred is not drinking and not angry, and he treats me with the respect I have deserved for years. He finally notices all that I do for him, and loves me in the way that I have always wanted. He is a changed man, he has stopped asking me for sex so much, and I am happy in my relationship because of this.”

Do you see why this can never happen?

Your energy and joy hinges on the actions of others, and in that way, you can never manifest a perfect relationship.

Notice what is good about the relationship, and write in detail about how that feels and create more of it in your writing.

Write in detail about all aspects of your perfect life. Finish it in all areas of your life, and read it often. We will discuss in future posts other exercises for manifesting your perfect life. Financial freedom will follow. Health will follow. Ideas, people, and circumstances in your life will rearrange to match your vision.. if you stay positive whenever you read it. And read it often!

Feel free to write a draft with me in mind. If you want to upload your dream life essay, I would be happy to read it and comment on your word choices, encourage you to flow in other directions, and coach your vision into manifestation. You might want to reread this post, as there is a good amount of information.


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