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GOD: my perspective

GOD... such a strong word.
Defined differently for so many.

I used to think that GOD was a big Santa Claus looking guy with white hair, a beard, and kindly eyes.
I had a hard time using the word for so long because of all of the ways I didn't agree with other people's definition of GOD. Was GOD masculine? How could GOD let bad things happen?

 I have come to understand GOD my own way, and identify with my own spirituality. I am a child of science. Energy is my GOD. Vibrational energy that is present in all things. All things earthly. All things in the Universe. All things beyond the Universe. GOD is the connection we all have vibrationally. Thoughts are prayers. Vibrations are things.

GOD is listening to our vibrations, and we are creating our worlds and manifesting our prayers.

G oodness O neness D ivinity GOD is not human. GOD is not a man. GOD is the energetic and vibrational connection we share and it is in itself an organism.

GOD is what we connect to as we live our lives. We pray all day every day as we think our thoughts.

Intentional prayer and meditation can help shift our focus if needed (and don't we all need it?) The name GOD is just a name for that power we all know exists. Some call the power different names. It's all the same thing.

I use the worked GOD again after many years. I just don't use masculine pronouns and I don't picture Santa. I do pray. I do believe in higher power. I know that GOD exists.

Energy does not die, it simply changes forms. Our spiritual journey and our connection to one another is far bigger than one life. And certainly bigger than one blogger's opinion.


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