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My Backyard Jesus

Last summer (2014) I noticed in the backyard there was a dead branch in the woods and it looked like Jesus to me.

I found myself sitting on the porch and saying things like, "Hi Jesus!" and then I would talk to him, tell him my burdens, ask him for advice.

Now, I knew full well that this was just a dead branch. If you read any of my other posts, you'll know that I am not necessarily certain that Jesus was any more the son of GOD than other wonderful, humanity-changers who have graced our world.

I know him as a wonderful prophet who spoke with kindness and knew the power of the Universe. As I said before, my concept of GOD is more energetic and vibrational than the human labels we give GOD.

For example,  calling GOD a him, and thinking he sent to Earth his only son... These are concepts I have wrestled with over time.

SO, Jesus=good guy and I've always respected his teachings.

So, I see this branch in the woods; A fun distraction. As I said before, I was so entertained by this backyard Jesus, that I found myself opening the blinds and saying, "Good Morning, Jesus!" each day. Indeed, I looked forward to it.
This picture was from last summer. Looks like Jesus, right?

So, summer turned into fall and fall turned into record snowfall winter (remember the snow?) Life went on, and frankly, I'd forgotten about the branch in the backyard, and went on to other things. (Like shoveling)

Fast-forward to Easter morning. I was getting ready for work and thought about the whole Easter morning resurrection thing and wondered to myself if backyard Jesus made it through the winter.

I went to the window and looked out and was saddened when I saw nothing; No Jesus.

I walked around the house moping a bit about it. I wondered why I was sad and why this little branch mattered to me.

About an hour later, I looked out the window again and there we was. Backyard Jesus HAD made it through the winter!!! (I learned the next morning that at certain times, he was in the shadows and couldn't be seen easily) So, a true Easter morning resurrection!!

He no longer resembled the full, vibrant Jesus of last summer. Now, beaten, battered, and downtrodden, Jesus was still there anyway. He had battled the cold of death, the winter of 2015, and he stood strong through it all.

For me? I wondered. Who knows? I got giddy again, and said something like, "Hallelujah! he has risen!" Ok it wasn't that dramatic, but still... the parallels.. the whole Easter thing. I got goosebumps. This picture was taken Easter morning:

In summary, I told this story to a friend of mine who said that I probably could sell backyard Jesus on Ebay or something and get real money. Which is funny to me, because, it could be true. However, I don't know.. I like having him out there. I like saying my good mornings to him (Yup, the branch)

Hey, it makes me feel good, ok? Anyway, he doesn't look like he did last summer anymore. He may not make it through next winter as he is looking mighty weak. So... for now. I'm keeping my backyard Jesus just the way he is. Praise be.


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