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Balancing personal energy as a way to Manifest your perfect life.

It is my intention to teach what I have learned. I intend to offer a new way to approach the idea of a divine spirit, of a positive energy, or a divine guidance, of an abundant universe. I will show you ways to balance your personal energies and channel them mindfully into manifesting your good health, wealth, love, happiness, and ultimate joy.What I have to teach is not new... I am not a minister, a scientist, nor a philosopher. I am a student of life, and I had a spiritually enlightening experience that has caused a shift in the way I think, the way I act, and what I have come to know.

I believe in God.

But not exactly the way I was taught. (See blog called Enlightenment)

I believe in the Energy that creates worlds, that connects us all through breathe. The Energy we are able to harness to bring us light, the internet, our travel, our immediacy. This energy that flows through us, around us connecting every living thing, and answering every question there is.. is God.

We can harness this energy, too. In our minds, and in our bodies, and through careful prayer, visualization, through what we have come to understand as the law of attraction, and energetically manifest all that we desire.We just have to know how.

I am here to teach you that how.

We are all energetic beings. Our energy is something that we can feel, and monitor. (like a heart rate). When we feel healthy, well-rested, full of joy, full of energy, we are experiencing our perfect harmony with our universe. With God.

I will continue to interchange the word God easily with the word spirit, energy, universe. It is my intention to create the understanding that it is all the same thing. The truth behind spirituality is the connectivity among everything spiritual. All religions have a common denominator. Goodness, peace, harmony. The full knowledge that we are all a part of something bigger, something good, something great!

The law of attraction states that we are all energetic beings, and that our thoughts are things. Energy is forever and can't be destroyed. Quantum physicists agree. Our thoughts and images and desires build our lives, our futures, and our current existence. We are always choosing.We can also consciously choose. We must be careful, and deliberate about the way we ask for what we want. We must be in harmony with our experience to manifest those desires.

Asking for what we want is akin to prayer. We connect to our energetic spirit, as we breathe in positive thought and peace. This process I will explain in redundant detail throughout my blogs. Each alignment of thought and feeling will go through a process of self check.

In order for these prayers, these energetic alignments from us to the universe, to work in our favor, we MUST be in physical and mental alignment with positive thought regarding these prayers. For example, if you are praying for good health, you must be thinking and feeling healthy, and focusing positively on good health, what it feels like, and that without a doubt, it is who you are. If you are asking for good health, while focusing on feeling terrible, you are asking for more ways to feel terrible. This self check process is critical.

Another example of focusing on what you want applies to money. Let's face it, we are a society that values money. In order to get more of it, you must think thoughts of abundance, even through lean times. I realize this is difficult to do. When you focus on abundance, abundance will find you. When you focus on debt, more debt will find you. When you focus on wealth in the near future... your wealth will always be in the near future. You MUST focus on wealth as being here NOW! Start to ask and write down what you want in regards to your financial abundance. Write about your financial picture in as much detail as possible, as being real. Play tricks on your mind, and open a bank account with a fictitious balance. Believe it. Picture yourself spending your money freely doing the things you enjoy. Feel good in your energy center about money, and the ease at which you spend it for the things you desire. Do not let thoughts of doubt creep in, as you are then praying for doubt, and your finances will not manifest. Be appreciative in every day for the things that money is providing for you. (Even if those things come from others.... be thankful for your abundance)

Your energy is strong, your energy is powerful, your energy is good, you are part of the energy that creates worlds and you have the power to create your world.

Ill thought is the enemy of the law of attraction, of God, of perfect energetic alignment. We must feel peaceful about our lives to attract and bring forth the abundance that we desire.... in all important areas of our lives.

Feeling good is te key... and not always easy right off the bat..

Emotions and their control over us, and our control over them are a key factor in aligning your energetic balance.When you feel any negative emotion, i.e. guilt, anger, jealousy, resentment, hatred, frustration, dread, overwhelment, fear, loss, etc., you are blocking good thing from coming to you. Each negative emotion can have its positive counterpart.

The emotions are a physical feeling. Instead of guilt, focus on forgiveness. If action must be taken to achieve this... take it. Forgive yourself. Free yourself. Forgive others. Pray for forgiveness. Ask God and the energetic positive flow in each breath to provide forgiveness to you and offer that forgiveness to others who anger you. This is just a small example of how you can control each and every emotion and change your physical lignment with your inner peace. Ask. Pray. believe it. and when you begin to notice the slight change within you.. express gratitude and you will receive more of it. It is law.

Gratitude is another key. Again, this is not new. I am not a biblical scholar. However, in almost every religion, gratitude is expected. If you give thanks, you receive more things to be thankful for. You are offering an energetic vibration of good, and you will attract more good.


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