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Energy is God; The law of attraction is Prayer.

If you haven't already read the enlightenment post, please go back and read it. I am going to discuss how the law of attraction works.

Many great teachers have interpreted the Law of Attraction, and described it in many ways. I am not offering anything new here. In fact, as part of learning any subject, I urge readers to read as much on the subject as possible, and continue to read excerpts of favorite books, posts, etc. , in order to apply the knowledge to everyday life.

In summary, the law of attraction basically states that thoughts are things. On a vibrational, and I like to use the word energetic level, we think about our lives. Usually, the way things are. We make statements to ourselves, we think thoughts about ourselves, our situations, and others all day long. It's just what we do.

If we are negatively thinking of a subject, we are attracting more of it. If we are positively thinking of a subject, we are attracting more of it, too. Our words, and more importantly our feelings, which can be felt when we get in touch with our own energy in our bodies, are critical to the process. If we say we want something, but feel negative energy in our bodies regarding the subject... the manifestation cannot come to you.

We are all living the life of our dreams. As defined by us. As manifested by us. As prayed for by us.

Hmph! You say... I am NOT living the life of my dreams.

Yes, you are, and I will show you how.

First, I will digress and explain the God element. I will interchange the word God and Energy in my teachings freely, because I hope to open your mind about the interpretation of both concepts. I urge you to think about God as a great energetic force that does its best work when you are in energetic alignment with who you are. OK, I realize that that is a tough pill to swallow.

Maybe I need to slow down. Please open your mind to the concept that God might be only some of the sum of what you have been taught about him. I say MIGHT. I say open your mind to the possibility that God is not exactly what you have been taught. If you simply can't use the word God without conjuring up images of your upbringing and religion. I urge you to just use the word Energy for now. Until you are comfortable with the word God as defined by quantum physics, and the metaphysical.

If God is Energy. Law of Attraction is prayer.

I will discuss different aspects of Energy in my posts, and how we are praying in every instant of every day whether we believe in God or not.

The law of attraction states that what is like itself is drawn. So if you think you are fat, you will be fat. If you think you are successful, you will be successful. If you think you are poor, you will be poor. If you think your relationship with people is unhappy, it will be unhappy. If you imagine a great life, you will achieve it.

In order to make your life what you want it to be you must consciously pray for it. Ask for it, and follow the steps I will outline on these blogs to create your perfect prayer, your perfect vibration, your perfect energetic life.

Next step.... understanding the energy balance in your body. (Align with yourself, and the rest will follow)

Namaste (the light and goodness in me sees and honors the light and goodness in you)


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