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Prologue... my many thanks to my teachers, and to the universe...

Many Thanks to my Teachers

Before I set into motion the beginnings of my thoughts on energy and the law of attraction, I need to thank my teachers. I no longer believe in coincidences, as many books, people, websites, numbers, letters, and signs everywhere have pointed me in the direction of writing about the law of attraction, how it applies to the human condition, the human culture, our interpersonal relationships, and our relationships to God.

I don't know where to begin, as it is as if I am enrolled in a course by the universe. I am a student of the law of attraction. I have added to my interpretations of some teachings of other cultures, religions, philosophies, scientists, and novelists, and have drawn conclusions about mind, body, spirituality, connectivity, individuality, goal-setting, and consciousness. I would like to set forth a blog based on thoughts, applications, suggestions, interpretations, and simple unanswered questions that emerge from these philosophies.

In addition to being grateful for the many bits and pieces of information that I have gathered and are part of the way I think, but can't begin to itemize here, I would like to particularly thank the following authors, whose words have been read and reread as I continued to piece together my interpretation of their works in my life.

Thank you to Jerry and Esther Hicks and their work with Abraham Hicks. I study their work very often and apply their wisdom to my everyday life, and particularly the book, "Money, and the Law of Attraction." I am grateful to them, and inspired by them. Thank you to Rhonda Burne of ,"The Secret", and to the many teachers in her book.

Thank you to Phyllis Curott, who wrote, "Book of Shadows; a modern woman's journey into the wisdom of witchcraft, and the magic of the Goddess". I was absolutely surprised and delighted to learn that the teachings of Wicca are positive and life affirming. I felt connection to their teachings, and am grateful for the knowledge. Thank you to Catherine Ponder, who wrote, "The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity". Her work added a spiritual and traditional dimension to the way I now interpret the world.

I also want to thank my friends, Kelly Russell and Jeff Comeau, who continue to show me new reading material, new websites to study from, and whose lights in my life continue to shine on my path to enlightenment. My yoga instructors, Jeff Peltz and Rae-Lynn Stackpoole, and to my ipod yoga-insiration, Shiva Rae, many thanks to you for facilitating my mind body connection. Thank you to my parents, Donna and Gordon, who have always inspired and encouraged me to reach my highest self and find my best purpose. To my sister, who has been my friend, my companion, and my inspiration since childhood. Last, but certainly not least, to my children, Matt and Alex, whose love and support through the many changes in my life, have caused me to love them even more every day.

I would also need to thank Elizabeth Gilbert, who wrote,"Eat, Pray, Love", and I hope that someday I will be able to thank her in person for her guidance through her words. I enjoyed her book from a very spiritual, very girlfriendish, very personal level. As you read my blogs, you will see how her words flowed into my moment of enlightenment.

Thank you, and it is will positive intention that I begin my journey of writings about what I have unlocked; How I interpret the law of attraction, and how I apply it to my life in my everday circumstances. I intend to express to the limits of my potential, how I now interpret my world, how to teach others to work with their energies in their bodies to manifest their desired life.

I will discuss strategies for professional advancement, relationship success, weight-loss and health, and spiritual connection. I will discuss about how energy is at the center of our everyday life, and how we can harness our own energy to create our own perfect destiny.

It is my desire to help people connect to their inner and outer best self through these teachings. I believe that the people who need me, will be attracted to the information on these blogs, and within that desire, I wish to make people's lives better and better.

Thank you to the Universe, and all that is good therein.


(My favorite interpretation of this is that,"The light and goodness in me, sees and honors the light and goodness in you!")



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