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I have written about this day over and over, and feel compelled to discuss what happened to me in as much detail as possible.
I know I was in perfect harmony with the universe in this moment. Some people might interpret my story as if I had seen God. You decide. What happened to me was real, it was perfect, and as I say, I don't believe in coincidences anymore.

November 2008
It was a beautiful November day in southern coastal Maine. The sky was almost purple with clouds and wind. The strong wind was kicking up the surf, and causing birds, leaves, and sand to be whipped up in circles of energetic beauty. I came to the beach, which is across town from where I live, to take a jog one day. In fact, the first time in a long time that I had jogged at the beach. My dear friend, Kelly, had just visited me and said that if she lived here, she would jog at the beach every day. I took her advice, and headed down there on this chilly November day.

The tourists were few and the sun was shining. As I stretched, I thought of the year I had had, and the many different things that had happened to me that had caused me to believe in the law of attraction, and its workings in my life. I decided to listen to my favorite recreational book of the last year, as I had an audio copy on my iPod. I wanted to listen to the story of,"Eat, Pray, Love", by Elizbeth Gilbert, and see how the story fit into my new way of thinking. My joy in this book, was that Elizabeth herself read the book aloud of her memoirs, and I enjoyed "getting to know her" through her thoughts, humor, and voice.

I began to run. The book flowed into my ears. I was surrounded by beauty, ran with enthusiasm, and felt great energy. I started to think about gratitude for the many blessings in my life, and was inspired, after a couple of miles, to go down to the sand and breath in some sun salutations (I am a Yogi, and sun salutations is a ritualistic practice of deep breathing, connection, and awakening). As I raised my arms in the air and breathed in deeply, I noticed the ocean moving with great force, the sand dancing circles around me, the air flowing through me, around me above me and it was beautiful.

There was an instant. It was like someone hit me over the head with a pan....I thought to myself....I am connected. I am part of this great force of beauty. I am divine energy. Energy is everywhere. Energy is the explanation of all that I have gathered. It explains the metaphysical, the unexplained, the science of the law of attraction, as we tap into the great energy, it powers our modern lives... and we are a part of it. Just then, as I was thinking this, a huge flock of birds took off from the sand in a gorgeous playful pattern across the sand, and Elizabeth Gilbert spoke in my ears................

Someday I will take the time to quote her book properly. Right now, for this purpose, I will only offer my interpretation of what was said. She was speaking about a moment in her life when she was desperately out of alignment with her spirit and was on the bathroom floor crying. She, for the first time in a long time, spoke to God. Here is where her words mattered to me: She paused and started to say that although she was brought up a WASP (like me), and didn't necessarily agree with the mental picture of what or who God was as defined by her upbringing, she could easily call the force Buddha, Ala, Great Spirit, Universe, Source, etc. It is all the same thing, and it was just easy for her to use the work God, but as she interpreted him in her life.

I was struck. I wasn't sure I believed in God because I didn't ever like how God was humanized. I didn't know what I believed in. I agreed with many philosophies around the spirit world. However, never agreed with a God with any human emotions. God is not vengeful, it is not necessarily a He, either. This energy force that was running through me, and around me in that instant... was it. It was God. I was seeing God. God is Energy. Elizabeth's words gave me permission in that instant to say that what I was seeing was, indeed, God.

Suddenly, all the teachings that I had read, discussed, and thought came together. All could be explained by energy. Science and nature are a part of energy. Energy is God. Energy is all around us, through us, and we can tap into it at any time through our thoughts.

Since that day, I have written about this over and over. I have pondered the small picture and the big picture. I have become aware of the energy in my body, and how it connects to my health and my spiritual connection. My life has changed for the better.

Energy can be harnessed. We see it every day. We can harness the energy in our own bodies, and create our dream lives. We must first become aware of it, and then we can control it.

My intention is to create an understanding of energy as it applies to the average person. I am an average person. I think it is my divine obligation to write about what I have learned, and hopefully inspire and teach others how to change their lives and manifest their desires.

I believe that there is a divine truth. A connectivity among all religions, non-religions, science, nature; all of it. Whether we believe, agree, or practice.... it is working in our lives. We are energetically attracting anything and everything into our lives.

Namaste, (the light and goodness in me, sees and honors the light and goodness in you)


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